5 Cost Effective Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

by Sathishkumar on March 26, 2011

Small businesses and start-ups face an uphill task when structuring their marketing budget. The cost of launching high level and sustainable marketing campaigns is simply a pipe dream for businesses operating on shoe string budgets. However, it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. There are economical and budget-friendly marketing approaches you can adopt for your small business with relative success.

Small Business Cost Effective Marketing Tips

Get Creative

Industry giants and big businesses advertise to build their names and prospective sales. As a new business, you can hardly take this approach. Your aim of advertising is to get immediate results. This will involve creativity in accomplishing the target established. One tip which would not strain your marketing budget entails local publicity stints of an interactive nature. Customers are always willing to participate in market trials and promotions. Consumer interaction has been made very easy today via the internet and social media. Get creative and interact with prospective customers at very low costs.

Introduce Low Cost Products

Having a low-cost version of your product can serve you well. Some customers are looking for a bargain rather than quality products. These low-cost items can be sold besides the quality ones in order to satisfy all customers.

This same principle applies to services. You can offer normal routine services, besides premium ones for more affluent customers. Thus, you will be able to satisfy both the average bargain hunter and the spendthrift.

Make the Customers Feel at Home

The idea of being in an exclusive club is always enthralling. Consumers are excited to be part and parcel of any business in one way or the other. This is why certain bars and restaurants are frequented by the same patrons on a regular basis. You can come up with creative ways of ensuring that customers become part of your business. This can include offering them lifetime discounts on certain products or purchases above a certain amount.

Be Upfront and Genuine to Customers

It is best to stick to the facts of what you are offering, for how much and ways by which it will benefit consumers. A little humour alongside this will go a long way to getting customers hooked. Misrepresentations, half-truths and full-blown lies will not accelerate your company’s growth. Such strategies will only leave you with a bad reputation before your business is even given the opportunity to establish itself in the marketplace.

Don’t Say What You Cannot Do

This tip goes hand in hand with being upfront and honest. Small businesses are limited by their budgets to handle a certain number of customers. You should not make an attractive offer on products that will send the whole city flocking to your premises, only to be told that the stock has run out. This will leave a bad taste in their mouths and they probably will never set foot on your business site again.

The cost of marketing and promotion might seem quite high when initially setting up a business. However, these low budget marketing tips should work for most small businesses once implemented accurately.

Author Bio: This is a guest article contributed by Haliyma Barrow, a freelance writer living in New York.  Haliyma loves to read books on the marketing industry, especially focusing on small businesses.

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  • http://www.methods2earn.com Vijayraj Reddy

    Ya, Low Cost Products will attract many customers and you will get profits..

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Vijay, that’s true. Having a low cost version of our original product will help the customers to check the quality of products, before they buy the original ones. Anyway, thanks for your comment.

  • http://chukkiri.blogspot.com josechukkiri

    Useful as well as energetic articles through out in this blog.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Jose, thanks for your appreciation. Looking forward to see you around here soon.

  • http://www.comptalks.com Bishwajeet @Comptalks

    I always prefer those marketing techniques which costs you more or less nothing

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Bishwajeet, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment here. Looking forward to see you around here soon.

  • http://techiemania.com John

    Great post man!

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Thanks man. Speak soon!

  • shooby

    Hi, it is great tips. You give me a new way for marketing. This way will be effective to customers. Thank you for this article.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Shooby, I am really glad you liked this article. These aren’t new ways of marketing but these tips will definitely help you to bring more customers. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment here.

  • http://www.atulperx.com Atul

    I think you are right with second point and can be noticed on different forum sales . If product is appealing and has low cost then buyer get ready to take risk on it but high cost products are always away from medium sector buyers. I always think that how many sales do these gurus crack – from different tutorial programs sold by them .

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Atul, you got it right. Even I have experience the same, when I launched a low cost version of my Facebook like packages and the sales went upto to a good numbers. But when i have increased the prices I am still getting customers but the numbers are low while comparing to my low cost package.

  • franchise loans

    Letting your customers know they’re important is always, always one of the best ways to do business. This also shows that you prioritize their needs above everything else.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      That’s very true man. If we show our clients that they are very important to them, then anyone else, they won’t move away from us. Thanks for your comment.

  • http://www.biznextdoor.com/ johnmartin

    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful tips and ideas on getting new business!

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