7 Best Sites to Write for and Earn Money Online

by vishal on February 7, 2011

Not for nothing is the internet also called the world wide web – it’s a place crawling with billions of pages of text. To create that kind of content, you need writers, and just as the internet demands the services of writers, it provides them with even more opportunities to work as freelancers. Here is a list of seven best sites to get writing opportunities and earn money online.

Sites to Write and Earn Money Online

Freelance Job Sites:

Sites like Elance and Odesk are a marketplaces of buyers and sellers of services. People, or businesses, with content requirements post their jobs, which the writers (in the capacity of providers or contractors) can then bid on. The poster, also known as the client, of the job can accept one or more of the bids. Once the bidder gets selected and finishes the job, payment is done through the website itself. The website will take a fee out of the payment, in lieu of the services provided by it. The bidder can also demand upfront payments – this is usually done by more established providers.

Free Job Boards:

There are many places where you can get client without the hassle or protection of a professional service, as is the case with Elance. The foremost among these is Craigslist. The importance of Craigslist in connecting you to potential clients and jobs cannot be overstated. The most important factor is the local nature of Craigslist. Its Writing Services section will be filled with ads for jobs in your city – it is up to you to contact the ad-posters and interest them in your services. These are not just part-time gigs, many of these jobs are 5 days a week, full time jobs. But among these jobs, there are smaller gigs like ghost-writing, screenplay writing gigs.

Online Publishers

Sites like Demand Studios and Yahoo! Associated Content publish content online and hire writers to fulfill their publishing requirements. These “content mills”, as they are somewhat pejoratively called, employ or require thousands of writers to write on various topics. But unlike Elance and Odesk, both of these are open to US citizens or residents only. Both of them have plans where they will pay you upfront for your article, and then share with you the advertising revenue accrued from it.

Then there are Squidoo and HubPages, who do not pay you upfront for your articles, but publish them online for you, and give you a share in the ad-revenue earned from them. If you do not want the headache of making and maintaining your own site, and promoting it, but still want to write and earn advertising or affiliate revenue, Squidoo and HubPages are a good option for you. They can share from 50% or 90% of ad-revenue for your article with you.

Unfamous Last words ( of this article)

These seven sites are the top sites among a very big list of online portals that claim to pay you for your articles. Unlike most others, these actually deliver on their promises. How much? That depends on your expertise and effort. Best of luck!

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Article by Vishal

I am a freelance writer, but even as I write almost perfect English and impeccably structured articles, news stories and blog posts, I consider myself more a researcher than a writer. This means I can write on a variety of topics - specially the ones that need research and stress on facts. I write content that has substance; something that informs the reader and makes them come back for more. These days ( early 2010) I hang out at Digital Point forums. I have profiles on odesk and Elance, both with feedback greater than 4.8. You can check my availability and rate on this blog post, which I keep updated regularly.

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  • http://www.guidegoodshq.com Edwin

    Thank you very much, I have never heard of most of these sites for example Free Job Boards

  • http://www.techtrickz.com JK

    A very useful article. Thanks. Though I am using HubPages, all others are new to me.

  • http://www.techpack.org Amith

    Thanks Vishal for this (special) article. I will surely try my luck on HubPages and Squidoo.

  • http://www.methods2earn.com Vijayraj Reddy

    i like HubPages a lot as i have earned money with them, HubPages is one of the best place to write articles and earn money…

    • http://techiemania.com John

      I really like them too. Very great place to earn extra income

    • http://www.maheinfo.blogspot.com Mahendra

      Hi vijayraj
      I heard lot about people earning from hubpage can you please tell me how much can a article earn average. (you may give your earning example)

      • http://www.freesoftwarecatalogue.com Ranu

        Are there any specific things that we should do to gain success with Hubpages? I have tried to write on Hubpages, but it seems I didn’t do it very well.

  • http://www.yourdigitalspace.com/ Swamykant

    Hi Vishal

    Hubpages is excellent website with adsense revenue sharing program. Thanks for introducing the other sites.

  • http://www.speckygeek.com Pritam @ Specky Geek

    I was expecting to see a neat list of seven websites. I agree with above to comments. Hubpages seems to be one of the best place to make money by writing if you are willing to work hard.

  • Sam @ Romantic Getaways

    Hi Vishal,

    Thanks for sharing this informative list and the good thing about it that you can work part time as well.

  • http://www.youlovecoupons.com/ Anne Sales | Coupon Codes

    I love elance. It’s a great place to find freelancing job. The competition is stiff so if you have a general skill you better be excellent in it. But if you got an on demand skill you will earn a fortune.

    • http://techiemania.com John

      How have you found is the best way to stand out on Elance?

      • http://www.youlovecoupons.com/ Anne Sales | Coupon Codes

        As a new provider, I didn’t take any job until I took some of their tests on my skills.

  • http://www.theitechblog.com Namit Gupta

    Was unaware about some of these site. Thanks for the wonderful article. :-)

  • http://worthycellphone.com Dana

    I experience that we also can get the writing job via webmaster forum such as digital point forum.

    • http://firsthosting.us/ Usman@FirstHosting

      this is good option as well.

  • http://www.linkbuildr.com Ryan @ Linkbuildr

    You folks missed out on one of the fastest growing revenue sharing sites of the past couples of years, Infobarell. 75-90% revenue sharing and they have strict quality guidelines.

  • http://adriennesmith.net Adrienne

    Great post Vishal… I had heard about a few of these but there were a few I wasn’t aware of. People have told me I should so some free lance writing but it seems like I never have time to take on more responsibilities. But, at least I now have a good list to start with if I decide to go that direction. Thanks so much for this info. Very helpful indeed.


  • http://pcpedia.blogspot.com anish@pcpedia

    Actually I had asked sathish the names of some site where people can offer services for money.but interestingly a guest blogger has written about it :)

  • http://techiemania.com John

    Great article!

  • dilbag koundal

    really? is this true?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Yes man, you can make money with the sites listed here. Between don’t use keyword in the name field. Instead use your real name. For now, I am removing your link because of the keyword stuff.

      • http://dilbagkoundal.com/ Dilbag koundal

        Thanks .. i dint get you.. can you explain a bit more?

        • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

          Hi Mate, instead of using your blog name in the Name field of the comment form, use your real name. I hope you understand now.

  • vishal

    @Edwin, @JK and a everyone who has commented, thanks for all the comments. I am glad you found this piece informative.

    @Adreinne I do not imagine you can make much money with these sites. Except for using Demand Studio, most of these sites cannot be used as principle sources of your income; not for a person living in the west, as you seem to be. For example, I have written a 500 word article for Associated Content – for which they paid me a upfront of $2.24! These are all good for part time income – if you are writing a blog post for your blog, why not write it for these publishers, is how I look at it. AC, Demand Studio, Hubpages etc are all options if you do not want to publish your own blog or site etc, and get adsense or Amazon store revenue. I would think that the median writer on these sites does not make much above $4-10 per hour. But you can promote yourself and your blog ( by backlinks etc), which is hard to quantify monetarily.

    Having said that I am still going to write for Hubpages – because maybe Hubpages is better than AC. Another site I am going to consider is Triond – they even have a February special going on – in which if you write 20 articles during the month, you get a 30% bonus on earnings. Maybe I stumbled on that offer from your awesome site, for which thanks you.

    I am still in doubt about writing for it, because a recent writer says that she eanned $9 after writing 92 articles! That’s just too low – I would really like if someone could comment on that. See her post here: http://writinghood.com/writing/my-actual-online-earnings-for-january-2011/

    @Ryan I suppose you are right. But this is more of a introductory article, and I picked one or two types of sites that I had used from each kind. I will try out Infobarrel too; thanks for the tip. I knew about it, but just did not sign on to it. see here: http://vishalsworkblog.blogspot.com/2010/09/freelance-writing-watering-holes.html

    @dilbag As long as you can write grammatically correct English, you can always be a “writer”! And yes you can earn money doing that. Just sign on to these sites and follow the steps outlined there. First get a PayPal account; get Amazon store account, and check out clickbank too, if you are going for Hubpages etc.

    @Dana You are exactly right. I have a very helpful post about it here

  • http://www.niharsworld.com/ Nihar


    great post! thanks for sharing few of the above websites. I will checm out.

    I know odesk but not the other ones…

  • http://dilbagkoundal.com/ Dilbag koundal

    here three options .. i put name .. then email and then website..
    its your plugin config. which get website latest post. :P lol

    i got you sir.. thanks

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      I don’t mean the comment luv latest article mate. I thought you were using your blog name in the name field. Sorry about that. I will relink your website now with your comments.

      • http://dilbagkoundal.com Dilbag koundal

        hehehe.. funny man.. Thanks.. no sorry please.. its ok..

        i like your web and articles which you post.. keep checking mine too :P

        • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

          Sure Dilbag, I will do. Keep visiting man.

  • http://dilbagkoundal.com Dilbag koundal

    how i can add my photo on your website? :P

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Do you mean in the avatar. You need to register your email with Gravatar.

  • http://dilbagkoundal.com Dilbag koundal

    can you give me the link where i can register email with avatar?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Just go to http://www.gravatar.com and register an account for yourself. Later just add your email address and add a picture for it.

      P.S.: Give me your email address. I want to talk to you about web designing projects.

  • http://dilbagkoundal.com Dilbag koundal

    ok i do have that already .. :P

  • http://dilbagkoundal.com Dilbag koundal

    what is your Email id? my skype id is : dilbag.koundal
    add me there

  • http://maszam.com zammax

    I have tried squidoo and it looks like other sites or blogs. I mean that we are able to earn money if we can generate traffic to our lens and convert them to clicks or buy..

  • http://www.techhim.com Himanshu

    great post. your provided the links too which is great.

  • http://www.devheaven.co.cc Rafique

    I am really fortunate that I am able to read this post about making money online. Actually there are millions of sites claims that they pay but it’s really hard to find out the actual one. This post about earning money online will really help me to choose the best for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sam

    Another couple of sites that deliver what they promise are http://boostplace.com and http://snipsly.com. They share 80% of their advertising impressions with authors.

    They basically publish your articles online and share their revenue with authors. 80% revenue share is one of the highest amounts in the industry.

    Snipsly shares 80% adsense revenue and Boost Place shares 80% adsense and chitika revenue.

    I find smaller sites like these have a much fairer revenue sharing model than the bigger sites.

  • http://www.webpocketguide.com/emoney.html Zeljko – EMoney

    The 7 suggested sites seem a good pick . I noticed other bloggers suggesting those and some others too, but this generally mean that they are popular among freelancers and good.

    About the 2 Sam posted, Snipsly seems to be worth checkin, the other one on the other hand seems to be too fresh for my taste.

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