9 Best Ways to Increase Facebook Fans

by amit on March 3, 2011

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Everyone wants more Facebook fans, it’s not much fun to have a page with only a few friends. Getting Facebook fans isn’t always easy though. Here are a few tricks to increase your Facebook fans.

Increase Facebook Fans

1. Engage with your fans

You can engage with your fans by responding to their comments, posting about things they like, posting about causes you are involved with, posting contest information or having your own contest, and even offering special discounts or offers only for your Facebook fans. Every time your fans comment or like what you have posted, their networks become aware of you. This can lead to an increase in your fan base.

2. Be consistent

Being consistent is probably the best way to get more exposure and build your brand. Be consistent in posting, responding to posts, asking for help and sharing relevant content.

3. Add to your e-mail signature

Use your e-mail signature to send the information about your Facebook page. This way you will reaching your clients and customers, and their clients and customers with your Facebook information every time you send an email message. This will lead to increased promotion without any extra effort.

4. Post a link on a Facebook wall

This is a very simple process of adding your fan page link using an @ tag, that will help you post a link to a profile wall every time you post something.

5. Pictures

Pictures speak louder than words. They also can generate a second look for your fan page. Use pictures in your welcome page, but make sure that they are optimized.

6. Provide high quality updates

When you provide high quality, informative updates on your Facebook page, people will respond. This will lead to exposure of your fan page to your commenter’s friends.

7. Reach out to people with a direct interest in the company you are promoting

Have people with a direct interest in the company your are trying to build, invite their friends. If each person invites 100 people, you should see 20 people respond.

8. Post the fan box on your website

Post it on every page, your blog and on twitter accounts. This is the best way to get friends that are already excited about what your business is doing. Add your fan page URL to your newsletters as well.

9. Use applications to help spread awareness of your brand

A favorite is the poll application, which allows you to create funny and interesting polls for your followers to participate in. The more interesting the poll, the more people you will involve.

Remember, you learn the most by actually doing. Try out these tips to see what works for you. The more time you spend on your fan page, the more you will engaged your fans will become.

If you still can’t able to increase your Facebook fans for your website, blog or business fan page, then you can buy Facebook Fans from trusted website’s which offers special fans packages for different budgets.

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Article by Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani is a professional blogger, and a web-hosting adviser at the best web hosting reviews site. You can check out the different Windows hosting companies to compare the best hosts in that field.

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  • http://www.linetoweb.com Raj Mehta

    That are some gr8 points to increase fb fans

    • Julie

      What I found is that people generally don’t want to be “the first” on to like, because they know that it’s going to be empty and not much going on – if you buffer the numbers with a bit of advertising socialnetexposure it’ll create a ‘rolling stone’ effect where fans really start to get into it :)

    • Peter Maxwell

      Apart from all mentioned my recommendation would be to quick start fanpage buying fans.

      When page have certain amount of fans more new fans just keep coming. People tends to like what their friends like. Nobody wants to be the first or among first and you are right.

      I started several fanpages and get fans to start from socialnetexposure.com . There may be cheaper sources around but i found this guys reliable and they provide real people not fake profiles.

  • http://www.shariff.org/ Imran Shariff

    Hi Amit,

    This is an excellent post, you are very right every bit of basic will boost and increase in FB Fans.

    Thanks for Sharing

  • http://www.methods2earn.com Vijayraj Reddy

    also share latest discount coupons on your Facebook page..

    • http://portusbhub.com Rahul

      Hey vijay I liked your tip of sharing discount coupons on fb fanpage.
      Another thing which you can do on your fb fanpage is to organize various contest.

  • http://www.indiadarshan.in Sam @ Weekend Getaways

    Points are very positive and seems they will work out for sure. Thanks for sharing these important points.

  • http://nkjlive.com Nitin kUmar Jain

    Awesome article … good to know all these

  • http://www.bayofblog.com vijay | bayofblog

    Thanking you Amit,

    These are awesome ways to bring Facebook fans and we can interact more people attention by healthy discussion and help others to solve their problems on Facebook .

    When we financially wealth we can bring more fans from a short span by announcing the contest as we aware….

  • http://www.techtipsdigital.com Sunil Sheoran

    Good Post Amit! Your website is useful as well!

    Maybe there is some tool to build some facebook app to distribute to your fans.

  • http://latestinfoserve.blogspot.com anto dominic

    hi sathish,i am the new blogger can you please help me to add the facebook and stuble icons to my blog.

  • http://pcpedia.blogspot.com/ anish

    1.Engage with your fans 2.Be consistent These are very important,thats where most bloggers fail.I’m inconsistent now a days due to exams.
    nice article Amit :)

  • http://knowswhy.com Lyka Ricks

    Good Job!…. This woks well!…… You will gain bunches of Fb followers; keeping in touch with them.

  • http://answersmyquestions.blogspot.com/ Kedar Nayak

    Some awesome tips to gain fans for your link.
    This uses is not only for boosting traffic but also to make others to known about your product or website.
    Thanks for a great sharing.

  • http://www.indiabucket.com/ Rakesh Kumar

    Here i have got the tip that Facebook could be the best source of Traffic. But still i am too busy that’s why i am not taking Facebook seriously. But i captured you tip for my future reference. Thanks Amit.

  • http://www.ledchannelletters.net John @ Channel Letters

    Awesome share. I mostly worried about increasing my fans. And your these 9 Ways to Increase Facebook Fans are simply amazing. Reach out to people with a direct interest in the company you are promoting is the best one.

  • http://www.blog404.com BLOG404

    Very useful ! I am high on twitter with huge followers but low on facebook fans :P
    Useful tips to get a balance between both of ‘em . Thanks :)

  • http://www.netchunks.com Shiva @ Webmaster Tips

    Hey there Chetan, Great post.
    I think the most important point that one should follow to increase fans is to write great content and then engage with your readers and fans. Also one may also want to utilize the “Word of Mouth” method and tell other friends to recommend your page to their friends and so on.


  • http://www.mindtreeindia.com/ Suzanne @ Mind Tree

    I always engaged in things to increase my facebook fans. But never satisfied with it. But now, I found the above mentioned points are relevant. Thanks.

  • http://www.winyourbadge.com Cory

    I think a lot of Facebook stuff gets stale if it is ignored. I am going some of your strategies I have not tried. Any resources on how to have a Facebook contest? Thank you Amit – C

  • Dresses

    Many of these companies use BOTS and BLACKHAT tactics which can risk you losing your Facebook account and/or Fan Page

  • http://www.jobscdc.com/ Jammie

    Thanks Amit. I will try for increase my facebook fans

  • http://bloggerspassion.com/ Anil Agarwal

    I would like to include contests and custom welcome landing page to this list to increase fans for a facebook page

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Very true Indeed. Running contests on Fan pages will definitely help you to increase your Facebook fans. Thanks for stopping by and sharing these tips with us.

  • http://www.Qualtu.com Jason

    Thanks for your tips. This website is worth reading.

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Jason, thanks for your kind words. Looking forward to see you around here again soon.

  • gerry

    nice tips. i have always bought fans for my business whenever i wanted. I may try these tips now!

    • Sathishkumar

      Glad to hear that, Garry. If you ever want to buy fans for your business again, try BuyLikesNow. They are good in providing quality fans.

  • Cost Effective Seo

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    to positive criticize then it can also be very helpful to increase fans.

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    Great post! It’s really not that difficult to get fans on your page if one is aware of the things that has to be done to make it huge. In addition to all these useful tips, there are now a lot of sites which ‘sells’ fans to Facebook pages. Though of course it’s much better if you get fans that are really interested in your page. :)

  • Jacob

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