A Visual Guide To Search Engine Optimization

by Sathishkumar on August 18, 2010

If you are a blogger or a webmaster, then I am sure you know the importance of Search Engine Optimization for your blog or website. But there are many people out there, who don’t know what is meant by SEO and how it can be implemented in a blog or website and what is the importance of this Search Engine Optimization process.

For newbies, Search Engine Optimization shortly called as SEO, is generally a term associated with the process of increasing the visibility of a blog or a website in search engines, which results in more organic traffic for the blog or website. If it’s still confusing, here’s what Wikipedia says:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be achieved in many ways. Since it’s a long and hard topic, I am not going deep into it. Instead I am going to share about an Infographic, which I came across a few days ago.

“The Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing”, is an Infographic from Bloggingpro, which they created to help online users better understand the SEO and Social Media Marketing and it can be used as a Visual Guide for Search Engine Optimization. Actually they named the Infographic as “A Visual Guide To SEO”.

This Infographic covers all the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing and it also explains the different components of search engine optimisation like link infrastructure, keywords, social media campaigns, PPC and linkbait.

A Visual Guide to SEO:

A Visual Guide To SEO

To Check the original Version of this Infographic, Visit here.

In my Opinion, this Infographic will be the best guide for newbies as well as experts to better understand the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Do share your views about the point mentioned in this Infographic, here in the comments section.

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Article by Sathishkumar Varatharajan

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  • http://thesocialmediatrainee.wordpress.com Sashimi

    Nice infographics!

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Thanks for commenting Sashimi.

  • Technoblogsite

    it’s very difficult to completely understand SEO…. thanx for infograph as it helps a lot…..

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      You are welcome.

  • http://www.techinfo-4u.com Robert @ Techinfo-4u.com

    Great post, this is definitely a handy little thing to have, save’s a whole lot of reading anyway

  • http://technblogging.com Sourav

    The infograph explains a whole lot of SEO with only a few pictures…excellent resource for new and experienced bloggers.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      This inforgraphic will serve as a SEO Guide for newbies and experienced bloggers.

  • http://www.smashblogtips.com fareed@smashblogtips

    Very Nice Grapho, It Said all about seo, Great Sathish

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Thanks for commenting Fareed.

  • http://gurushala.net shashank

    kool share…
    infographic on SEO is the easiest way to understand
    kool share for newbies:)
    thnks 4 de share

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      You are welcome Shashank :)

  • http://www.acomputerwiz-nerd.com Rhonda

    Excellent information on SEO and placing it in graphics is even better. Thank you for a different view of SEO!

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Rhonda, thanks for stopping by and posting an appreciable comment.

  • http://www.niharsworld.com/ Nihar

    Great post.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • http://www.picturebulk.com ahsandilshad rao

    hey very nice one, specially graphical presentation is awesome, beginners can easily solve its learning problem

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