Easy way to Verify your PayPal account without a Credit Card

by Sathishkumar on June 16, 2010

PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet, according to Wikipedia. Most people use Paypal for their online transactions, since it is very safe and it has lot of features. But there is a problem faced by many Indians. Most of Paypal features will work, only if you have a verified account. For this process you need a credit card. In India, people using credit cards are very less in number.

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So the large part of Indians, who don’t have a credit card can’t get their Paypal account’s verified. This post is for those Indians, who are seeking an alternative to Credit card’s for paypal verification. The tutorial is divided into two steps. Follows these steps and get your Paypal account verified without a Credit Card.

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Step 1: Creating Virtual Credit Card

  • Go to Entropay.Com and Click Sign up. Fill in your account details and move on to the funding details.
  • In funding details, type in your debit card (which I hope you have one) details. Now follow the few steps to complete your sign up.
  • Once you have signed up for an Entropay account, you can create your Entropay card (Virtual Credit Card). For this you need to deposit $20 dollars from your bank account or debit card. The amount will be loaded into your Entropay card.
  • Now your Entropay Card will show up along with the card number, cvv number and expiration dates. Note them down.


Now you have your own credit card (Virtual). So here’s the next step.

Step 2: Verifying your Paypal Account

  • Login to your Paypal account, click link debit/credit card and enter the details of the Entropay Card.
  • Your card will be charged 1.5 dollars and you will get back the amount within 2 days in your paypal account.
  • After 2 days, Login back to your Entropay account, and check recent transactions. In Paypal related transaction, you will see a 4 digit number.
  • Use this number for confirming the verification process in your Paypal account. Now you have verified your Paypal account without a Credit card.

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Note: If you still can’t verify your PayPal account using this method, then you can hire me to solve the PayPal Verification problem using the contact us tab in our header.

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Article by Sathishkumar Varatharajan

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  • http://www.technicstoday.com/ Anish K.S @ Technics Today.com

    I already verified my paypal account :)

  • http://tech4world.net Siddharth

    One doubt ..
    For Debit card, there should be 3 digit security code at back rite ??

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      For International Debit cards only u will have those 3 digit number’s da which is also called as the Card Verification Value.

      • http://www.dailyblogtools.com sai krishna

        thank you satish.i verify my paypal account using this trick

  • tiawalling

    after verifying your paypal with a entropay vcc, is it possible to make online purchases using the entropay vcc details??

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Yes, You can do that!!!

      • joaephine

        hi.can south africans also apply for the entropay card?i can’t open an credit card.i only have a debit bank card.thanks.

        • Sathishkumar

          Entropay is available to all netizens, so I am pretty sure a South African can use it for his/her online transactions.

          • joaephine

            thanks for the reply sir.i’ve opened entropay account.i’m going to verify my paypal.Thanks.

  • http://dankerizer.net Annelle Shepherd

    You can talk to the credit card company However considering the current times I don’t know if it will get you the answer you want. The answer to the first question is yes they can

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Thanks for commenting.

  • http://selfgrowthhelp.com Alex Barboza

    Did you verify a US Paypal account or a non Us account? Can a Colombian like me get an entropay?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Alex. Thanks for contacting me. I am an Indian and I verified by PayPal in the following method. I am not sure about other countries. If you do need help to verify your PayPal account I am providing a service for that. Just send me your need using the contact page. I will get right back to you.

  • karthik

    hello satish,
    iam unable to usethe entropay card at paypal

    it says that the card is declined
    i tried many times and it sometimes says that “this card cannot be used”

    i read in other forums that paypal is no longer accepting virtual cards

    i tried verifying today only.may i know when did u verify?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Karthick thanks for contacting me. Actually I used VCC to verify my Paypal a long time ago. And I dont know why it is working for you, since I used this same method yesterday for my friend’s paypal account to get verified and it worked well. If you still want help from he, do contact me at admin@techiemania.com. I will do this for you.

  • http://social-catalog.com aatif

    already have a verified paypal , i am late to fine this tutorial .

  • eyeman

    yah. You can do this method. It works. Make sure you put some amount at that vcc you created first before linking to paypal.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Offcourse, you are right, Eyeman.

  • bozenin

    Is it safe to use VCC? what if paypal ask billing statement because i think most of vcc don’t have billing statement. Do you have any idea about it?
    Thank you

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Yes, It is safe to use VCC, Bozenin. I am using a VCC which has billing statement.

      • bozenin

        Interesting, but where you get it. Are you use Entropay to create VCC, if yes then i think we must have credit card first to add found, but the problem is i don’t have CC because i just freelance so it’s hard to apply CC :(

        • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

          There is no need for a credit card to get a Entropay VCC. All you need is just a debit card. :)

          • bozenin

            Yes, but unfortunately my debit card can not be used for online transactions.
            I’ve verified PP with my bank acc but I still need VCC/CC to purchase online like buying domain from godaddy etc. So i think VCC is the best anwser but unfortunately most of them without billing statement, i found some people who sell VCC with billing statement but their rate is very expensive :(

          • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

            Hey Bonezin, I will solve you problem. Give me your email Address, I think its better to talk privately about the VCC for you.

          • bozenin

            My mail is kamar360[at]gmail[dot]com


          • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

            Sent an invitation from myself.sathish. Accept it.

          • bozenin

            Sorry bro but i don’t understand how to accept your invitation, because i only use gmail. I’ve send you email to sathishvaratharaj(at)gmail)dot)com
            Thank you

          • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

            I did sent you a reply mate. Check it :)

  • http://techtrickz.com JK@techtrickz

    Hi Sathis, can I use this service for direct purchasing from abroad? Or is it only for PayPal verification? I want to purchase wordpress themes and related things, can I use this VCC?.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      You can use this VCC for any purposes, JK. I used it for online payments, shopping, PayPal. Everywhere it is working well.

      • http://techtrickz.com JK@techtrickz

        Sathish, thanks for the reply. I have one more doubt. Can we send fund (from our bank) to paypal through this service?

        • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

          Yes, we can do that JK.

  • Keysi

    Hello Sathish, could You please help me? I need a US verified PayPal (but I live in Europe), is it possible? Please e-mail me [ drejon(at)centrum(dot)sk ].

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Keysi, I will mail you the details now

      • Keysi

        Hello, I haven’t received any e-mail yet. Please, try to send me the details at drejon(at)inbox(dot)com (it’s a better e-mail provider). Thank You very much.

      • Keysi

        Or e-mail me Your IM nickname. I use Yahoo, Facebook, Skype and ICQ.

        • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

          Hey Keysi, I sent you two mails, But I am getting delivery failed reports. My skype username is sathishvaratharajan. Add me :)

  • Ibm777

    Dear Mr.Sathish
    Can you kindly send me the details on how to activate the Entropay card with Paypal USA,Thanks
    P.S I got all the steps figured out except the part where it says routing ,US Bank account
    I would really appreciate your help and time.
    Thank you very much for your kind effort .

  • Ibm777

    sorry fogot to mention my email ibm777@live.com

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      I will mail you the details soon. Sorry for my delayed reply.

  • http://www.mylazysundays.com Dikis

    Hey what if I dont have any debit card or any other credit/debit card it wont work, yes?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      In that case, Hire me. I will get you a VCC for sure.

    • http://www.way2peace.co.cc Mr.Ahmad

      Brother Entropay works try it.

  • http://www.techymind.in Rajan Balana

    Hey Bro ! I have tried all but none works :(

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Sent an email. Check it :)

  • subcorpus

    when you receive funds to your entropay verified paypal account, how do you withdraw the money ???
    can you withdraw it to entropay card or bank account ???

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Once your PayPal account is verified you can withdraw the money to your bank account and that’s the only option for Indian Guys.

  • http://www.10plustuts.com Robin

    We can use the bank account to verify the paypal account other than going for the premium services

  • Abhishek

    I want to know that can i use icici or sbi vcc to verify my paypal account
    And this time i am having personal account at paypal
    Also tell me if i do my verification and after that upgrade to premier then i have to verify again or not?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Abhishek, you don’t need to have specific bank accounts VCC. Once you have verified your account its for lifetime. So you don’t need to worry about that premier upgrade.

      • Abhishek

        Can you please tell me step by step information how to verify paypal account
        I am not having credit card
        I am having account in icici and in sbi

      • Abhishek

        I am not verified yet

  • http://www.methods2earn.com Vijayraj Reddy

    that is a real easy method pal, thanks..

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Vijay, Glad you have found this easy. Thanks for your comment too :)

  • http://moneyblogtips.com Amit Sharma

    Wow…This is really useful. I didn’t know about this. Had only heard of hdfc netsafe. I am going to try this to verify my paypal account. Till now, I used to transfer funds into my friend’s paypal account and he used to withdraw money for me.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hey Amit, let me know whether you have succeeded in verifying your PayPal account. If you can’t make it, I will help you for sure

  • Gagandeep

    hi how much time entropay takes to update vcc statement
    please reply on my email gagan2618265@gmail.com

  • http://www.wayanad.co.in San

    I think the Debit cards after verified by Visa (VBV) process, can be added in Paypal. I am going to have a try. Will inform you guys whether it succeeded or not.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Well San, inform us. Because it will help a lot of people out here.

  • Anshul

    Hey Sathish,

    Thanks for writing this wonderful tutorial. But, I do have one problem. I created the VCC just like you said. Then I tried using it to verify my paypal account. Paypal deducted the nominal amount from my VCC and the same was reflected in my VCC balance. But, the statement on my entropay VCC still doesn’t show the transaction details. How long does it usually take to get the updated statement??

    Any help is much appreciated.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Anshul, the transaction details will take atleast 2 days to get updated in entropay. So don’t worry about it. You will see them for sure.

      • Anshul

        Thanks Satish

  • http://www.wayanad.co.in San

    I tried twice even after verified by visa status. But no chance..It shows an error “This credit card has been refused by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your credit card issuer’s Customer Service department. ”
    But my Federal bank Intl debit card works with Google checkout, 2co.com

    Now I am going for a credit card from Andhra Bank against Rs.10,000 fixed deposit. Can use upto Rs.7000/- out of it.

  • http://techsplurge.com Saket

    Good tutorial Sathish.
    I had have several problems with my PNB Debit Card, dunno why but Paypal doesn’t accept it.
    But I’ve got a question. What if i try to send funds to my bank from paypal using that Entropay card. Would the amount be sent to my bank acc?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Saket, you don’t need that entropay card to send funds from paypal to bank. You need it only if you want to send funds from your bank to paypal since paypal doesn’t support direct deposits in India. Hope you get the point.

  • Nice info!!

    Will paypal lock your account if they figure out its a virtual credit card? Is there a way for them to figure it out?

    Also paypal is not offered in my country, which country i should select while signing up for paypal account and then use entropay to get verified.

    Please reply, thanks

  • arasu

    hi sathis
    This is very useful article. But still i did not check it. my paypal account was limited due to access account my brother from another country,paypal considered illegal process and lock my account limited so i could not do any actions in my account. now paypal ask to confirm my credit card to release my account unlimited, but you know well, not easy procedure to get credit cards for indians, and i was tried my international debit cards,but no use, now your artcle gives hope to me, i ll try this method…

  • Jacob

    Hi Sathish i need to verified my us account but i dont have a us bank account how can i?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Jacob, I haven’t tried my way for US PayPal accounts. Will try it and will let you know soon.

  • http://www.niharsworld.com/ Nihar

    Great find!

    Thanks for sharing this. I would like to know whether it is legal. I mean does paypal allow this way also. is entropay legal?

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hey Nihar, its perfectly legal. Not only me, plenty of guys are using this method to verify their paypal account and it is working good.

  • http://way2peace.co.cc Mr.Ahmad

    I just wanna know :
    1.I created a VCC in entropay and they generated VCC details but i not loaded 20$ amount in VCC and i linked VCC to paypal it says your card is declined.

    2. If i load 20$ in VCC can it be used in Paypal.

    If it really work then i will load the appropriate amount and i will buy MASTERCARD of Entropay also.

    Please reply.

    Allah Bless You

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathish

      Hi Ahmad, thanks for contacting me. First of all I don’t know how you have created a VCC with entropay without loading the minimum $20. Well we leave that part since it happened. Concerning your query about VCC and paypal it will work 100% if you have the minimum of $2 in your VCC. Just load the card and link it with paypal. It will work.

    • http://www.way2peace.co.cc Mr.Ahmad

      When the statement will reflect in entropay?
      How many days it takes for statement which genereates PP*xxxx code.


    hello admin
    i am from india
    i have a verified paypal accout (verified by sbi)
    can i use entropay VCC to verify paypal account
    please replay
    thanks in advance

    • http://www.finalstop.ucoz.com MrAhmad

      Yes, you can verify and shop using entropay vcc.
      Follow these step:
      1. Sign up to entropay account.
      2.Create a new entropay virtual card
      3.Load fund into your card from indian verified by visa or mastercard securecode cards.
      4. Minimum funding is 20$ and 4.99% Funding fees (near about 22$).
      5.Login to paypal and add new debit/credit from entropay loaded vcc.
      6. Add and wait for three days for statement to be generated on entropay, if not generated PP**CODE then submit a help ticket into entropay help section.

      they will give you last transaction details if you ask them after 12 hours of transaction. or if you don’t want help then wait for automatic statement.
      7. Confirm you credit/debit card and enter the PP** CODE into your paypal confirmation section.


  • Akbar

    Hi Satish,

    I have a maestro SBI account, but there is no three digits number at backside.

    Any suggestion on this? I do have a net banking feature with my card.

    Any suggestions or help from you would be appreciated.


    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Akbar, you need to get an international debit card from SBI. What you are having now is a local debit card. So get that card and you can follow the process given here to create a VCC.

      • Akbar

        If I load the funds from friend card, will that be okay, will there be any issues on that?

        • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

          Nope there wont be any issues at all. Just make sure that you have informed your friend regarding this transaction :P

          • Akbar

            Yes I will. Thanks for your help and time. :D

          • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

            You are welcome mate.

    • http://www.finalstop.ucoz.com Mr.Ahmad

      Register your sbi mastercard to mastercard secure code (3DS System) and then use it as a funding source in entropay.

    • http://www.finalstop.ucoz.com Mr.Ahmad

      @Akbar: if your age is between 18 to 30, then you can apply for free YUVA Debit Card (International Debit Card as like Gold Card).
      [No Yearly Card fees.
      Transaction:100,000/day P.O.S
      ATM withdrawl-50,000/day

      Condition is age because it is YUVA card and is for YUVA
      Free service from sbi.
      Yuva card is visa card apply for it.
      Write on ATM form YUVA CARD and then bank manager will give you and tell your bank manager that YUVA Card is in the last option of ATM Service.

      • Akbar

        Is that a new card? Or they will update my current card to YUVA?

        • http://www.finalstop.ucoz.com Mr.Ahmad

          Ask them to replace your card. Fill a debit card replacement form and surrender your primary card.

          If there’s no form available, then write a application about debit card replacement.
          Mention that your card is not working for internet purchases or convince them something that your SBI (Yellow Card) Card not working.

          I am using YUVA card and is best.

  • Swamykant

    Thumbs Up Buddy :)

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Swamy, I don’t think your comment adds any value to this article. Please add comments only if you feel it will add value to the content in this blog.


  • ManVsWild

    Hello Sathishkumar, i have a paypal account, and i have confirmed it with my credit card, but someone has hacked my account and he done some illegal transactions with my account. next day i try to access my account and i found it blocked by paypal, they says that i have done this transaction and i have explain to them that he is not me how have done this transaction and i seed that my account has been hacked, they didn’t listen to me and they have blocked my credit card and my paypal account and they says that they will not let me work with paypal any more. can you help me please
    thank’s in advance

    • http://www.freelanso.com Akbar

      Dude that’s a very sad thing. Did you called them? Are you a verified User at paypal? Tell them that the account was hacked and there were some illegal transactions on your behalf. Ask them the ways how to prove this.

      Do you know where the transactions made? bank account? or purchased on a online store? If he did something like this there are chances to get back, I think. They cannot simply block your account, that does not make sense.

      Any more details like what they said exactly, would be helpful to solve your problem mate.

  • Verify paypal

    I know a site who are give you instant paypal verify solution and never scam. Tested

    • http://www.freelanso.com Akbar

      Really? Didn’t heard anything like that before. What is the site??

  • ManVsWild

    thanks akbar for your answer, the transaction were made in my account with a stolen credit card, some one has hacked my account and add in it a stolen credit card and the hacker make a transaction with it in my paypal account, i can’t call paypal because i didn’t speak english very well, i speak frensh but they only accept english and spanish for calls. can you help me please thanks in advance

  • http://emakingmoneyblogging.com/ Amit Sharma

    Can we use entropay after the paypal policy changes from 1st march 2011. will there be any problems?

  • Ikrum

    I have no debit card or cc. I register there. Need card 2 deposite. Can i deposite there from other vcc

  • Ikrum

    Can i deposite there from other vcc?

  • http://technologyedition.blogspot.com Shahzad Saeed

    Hey Sathish, I’ve contacted you via email but no reply yet. It is about adding money to paypal account. I am from Kerala but studying (currently) in Salem. I would like to contact you if you don’t mind.
    Expecting your reply soon!!

  • http://Technworldblog.blogspot.com Ashik Nesin

    Is it legal to verify PayPal with VCC?

    • mohit


  • taiwo

    my name is taiwo akinboboye all i want is dats i need help from u people for me to be in chelsea academy pls heip .

  • http://bestebooksclub.com DJ Sophia

    Thanks for sharing that.i was looking to verify my PP account…..

  • ManVsWild

    Is there any one how speak english very well, i will pay every one who contact paypal in my place and explain to them that my problem is that my account was hacked, and all illegal transaction in my account was made on my behalf. i will pay the person who can resolve to me this problem.
    My email address is: lordofnightmares@live.fr
    Kind Regards

  • Jiby Jose

    Hi i’m from india and i don’t have a credit card.
    Can you help me get a vcc.
    Plz mail me


    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Jiby, I can help you. Will send you an email within the next 15 minutes.

  • Priyankar Paul

    Hey Satish,
    well actually needed a help here… i wanted to know wether paypal still supports entropay virtual cards because i have seen in other forums that paypal doesnt accept entropay anymore… i am from India and i dont have a CC.. please help me out… you can mail me at – anku90[@]gmail[.]com


    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Priyankar, I am sure that PayPal still accepts entropay. I have tried using it for few of my clients during last week and it worked like a charm. So, don’t worry about it. If you want me to create a VCC for you let me know. I will get it for you.

      • Priyankar Paul

        i have a account an in entropay and i already have created an VCC but have not loaded it. now when im adding it to paypal this is what comes:
        This credit card has been refused by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your credit card issuer’s Customer Service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.
        i have already added it alertpay.. and it went like a charm…

        • FM

          Paul, you must load your entropay vvc before you can use it to verify your paypal account. With no funds in your VVC you will NOT be able to use your Entropay card to verify your paypal account.

  • raja

    i want to take andhra bank credit card against minimum fd of rs 10000. but they are telling that it is not use ful for international purpose. i want to make some international purchase through this card. is it so? i hav heard that any credit card can be used for international purpose through net banking. can u enquire about that andhra bank card and inform me? thanks.

    • http://www.ethio2k.com san

      i am also interested in the credit card against Rs.10,000 FD from Andhra Bank. I also need it for internet based payments. Before I have made online payment using Federal Bank International Debit card through 2co.com payment gateway. But now that also failed and I am seriously looking for an alternative way to pay online.

  • jagadeesh

    i dnt have PAN number but how can create papal account without pan number.

  • abdelrahman

    i don’t have any credit card please help me!!
    and thank you :)

  • http://www.hackingpark.com Harry Sehgal

    Thanks Sathish I am going to use it very soon…… :)

  • jagadeesh

    hai now iam easily verify my paypal account with my sbi bank account within 4 days

  • Praveen Jose

    guys i am still unable to load the money into the VCC from my debit card even after registerin the card

  • Praveen Jose

    hey sathish do contact me at the earliest

  • http://www.hackingpark.com Harry Sehgal

    But some Bloggers Recommends to not use VCC. May I know why they say?

  • Anirban

    Can U plz tell me one things that VCC to any Indian Bank Account transfer is it Possible?Adn if U did this then U transfer the VCC money to which Bank Account??

  • Boon

    pls help me to make this things cleared again. basicly entropay virtual card is not a credit card. and then i assume you tell that a debit card transformed into this virtual card can be used to purchase anything online that accepts credit card only. is that true?

  • dread

    hey it will definitely take 2 days to see the paypal transaction in entropay/??

  • payne

    dude it has been 4 days since i linked my entropay card but still there are no paypal related transactions in my account

  • oturkar

    i have sbi silver debit card with visa logo,i have tried to verify paypal account
    can i verify this sbi debit card for pay pal if so please guide

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Oturkar, I haven’t used SBI silver debit card for PayPal verification. So I am not so sure, whether we can use it man.

  • http://www.topreviewoftheday.com Nishit Dave

    Hi Satish,

    I have recently registered on Entropay and am just waiting for the funds to be loaded on the vcc. Can this vcc be linked with both Paypal and Alertpay. I read earlier that it works both with PP and AP. Your confirmation on this matter will relieve me.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishit Dave

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Nishit, it will work with both AP and PP. Just load it and use it mate.


  • http://www.dailywiki.org Arun

    I have used Entropay, almost for two years now, it is a wonderful website to get our own virtual credit card.

    • Sathishkumar

      Very true man. I am also using it for a long time now and I am completely satisfied with the website.

  • homeforgeeks

    hi satish …thnkx for the info..but i have query about four digit verification no.
    In my bank statement paypal has charged me 1.95$ and given me the 4 digit code,but stilll i m not able to verify it as i m not getting the place or page so that i could input the 4 digit code..plzz…do help me in this regard…thnkx in advance

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi there, just go to your paypal and click on add credit card. If you have added it already you will definitely see a new page where it will ask you to enter the 4 digit number to get verified. Just enter the four digit number from your statement and get verified.

  • http://www.bennixville.com bennix86

    Thanks but $20 dollars for Entropay deposit is expensive for me…:)

    • Sathishkumar

      Well, I am sorry to hear that man. Hope you will make more money in the future so that you can afford to deposit $20 for entropay.


    I just set up my palpal account. After entering my credit card details, I clicked on for the confirmation.
    I then logged into my online bank account. I was charged 3$ in two separate transactions (1$ one one and $2 on the other).
    In the description I just see FLEXI PAY and not any code.
    What should I do now ???
    Thank you :)

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Bobby, the transaction code appear only after few days. You will get a four digit confirmation code from Paypal in your account statement. Once you get it just enter it in Paypal credit card confirmation and your card will be added successfully.

  • Mark

    I just opened an account with entropay but it ask me for some documents for verification,how do i go about that?

    • Sathishkumar

      Just follow the steps given in there. You will get over with it for sure.

  • http://chilismenu.info/ chilis menu

    Dear sathish, I am from Bangladesh. We don’t have paypal service in my country. Is it now possible to follow your shown process (above) in my country?
    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for your nice post :)

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Chilis, I am not so sure about it. But give it a try. It won’t cost you a penny.

  • http://www.justin2bieber.com Justin Bieber

    Virtual Credit Card is good trick to verify PayPal.

    • Sathishkumar

      True mate. Thanks for your comment.

  • http://coinearn.beeplog.com muddasir hussain

    I tried to verify my account with j & k bank and paypal said it has deposited 2 small amounts in my bank account. Then it said ” go to ur bank and verify the amount deposited by paypal” when i went to bank there was no amount even after 5 days. Does jk bank doesn’t suport.

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Muddasir, adding Indian bank accounts won’t help you to get verified. You need to add a CC to get you Paypal verified.

  • http://www.technocreed.com Venkat

    Hi Sathish, thanks for the article. I want to know if the initial deposit of 20$ for Entropay is refunded or not. Or can I use that deposit to transfer to paypal?

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Venkat, the money will not be refunded. But you can use that money for online shopping.

  • oturkar

    I have sbi verified pay pal account, now i want to verify my silver international sbi debit card (i have back side (CVO ) also having 3digit number backside , Is it possible to verify pay pal debit card, if so please guide.

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Oturkar, it won’t work. Use that debit card to get a VCC and then use it to verify your PayPal account mate.


  • ringo

    i created an account but couldn’t transfer the money from my debit card…and paypal is not accepting the card it keeps saying that it could not verify the verification code….help??

  • Tunde

    Hi there,
    How can i use Entropy account to setup a US paypal account?

    Thanks for the help.


    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Tunde, you can’t use Entropay for U.S. Paypal account. For U.S. paypal account you need a valid U.S. bank account.

  • catcher


    is there any chance to find VCC to use with “usa” websites which require US CC card ?

    please let me know – alex.catcher(at)gmail(dot).com

  • Source Code

    Hi SathishKumar. I found your website cool. Please i hope am not late. I need a verified paypal account. I am in Cameroon and Payla does not work here.

    Please advise me. Can i use paypal in another country to buys goods and ship to cameroon??

    Also can you help me verify my paypal account??


  • http://topbestphonereviews.info/ zamahsari@topbestphonereviews

    My paypal account has been verified and I also used VCC to get it verified but my VCC is already expired. How long will VCC from Entropay.Com be expired? Is it three months like mine?

  • oturkar

    I heard we can use SBI YUVA Debit card for pay pal verification
    It’s work if so please guide
    some nt: my paypal account with first surname-name
    Bank account : name-surname
    its effect for verification

  • meena

    Dear team,

    Thanks for the useful info. Even i could not send fund with entro pay. they are asking me to send passport detials as such. Right now I dont have anyting.

    I have confirmed and becomed a veerified user of paypal but still I could not send payment, error message as card issuer has been decling. What is this.

    please help. I need a paypal account to send payment. what is the other source. I have hdfc debit card only

  • Johnny

    Hello, I created an entropay account and a paypal account. I created a Virtual Visa Card on entropey and loaded 20.00$USD. The next thing I did was creating a paypal account I added all the information of my VCC but I still need it to be verified (Btw I chose Canada as the country of VCC) and when I added the credit card from the profile menu It said that it still needs to be verified by the Bank Account And it has to be confirmed from the bank (Thats when i click on Get Verified) I did some search and read that it takes about 2-3 days to receive a transaction from paypal to entropay (fee of 1 dollar?..) which i still havent received (It has been already 3 days) What did I do wrong, And if I receive the pp**code with the 4 digit numbers where do I write it since at the Verified page in paypal it is only written Add bank account and Confirm bank account. Please help!

  • Akhilesh

    Hi Sathish,

    i have a paypal account which is already verified but i want to add a card so that i can make make payments so i can through this blog. I created a entropay account but not loaded the card. because some people say that entropay does not work with paypal so i am feared of loss of money. i live in visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh, india. If u help me in add card to my paypal ill be thank full. my mail id is akhil_197@yahho.com. please send me a reply as soon as possible. and ill defenitely wat to hire u for this job.

    Thank you

  • Richard

    God bless you ! I’ve spent 6 hours looking for REAL working VCC provider. All of them you can find at Google’s first page of results are CHEATERS ! This service you’ve showed at your blog really WORKS ! Thanks alot ;)

  • yogesh

    i have a sbi visa debit card which i specially applied so that i can verify paypal account but it didnt work out . so is there anyway that any of u guys can help me . and after using entropay . what happens to money we deposited to entropay ??? can we get it back ????

    • Ajitesh

      Hi Sathis,
      I have a ICICI Debit Card.I have added my debit card along with my bank account on paypal account.But while sending money from Paypal Account it is shown that my debit card does not allow this payment and I am advised to contact my debit card authority.Can you please help me in this matter?
      One more personal problem.My full name is Ajitesh Kumar Barman.But when I am going to enter my name in the Debit Card/Credit Card information,then there are only two places asking for FIRST NAME and LAST NAME.So please let me inform what should I write as my first name -only “Ajitesh” or “Ajitesh Kumar”

  • biju

    hey satheesh
    I am a new net user,i want to take a pay pal a/c,but i have no pan card,debit/credit card.i have no idea about it.pls send me detailed mail about all as soon as possible. my mail id is bijurklm@gmail.com thanking you

  • Pema

    Hi, sathish i am new comer from Nepal and i want to make my own virtual card to verify my paypal account.Can you help me by sending tips on my mail.

    • Pradeep Thapa

      Hello pema you can contact me i am from Nepal i will solve your transaction problem +9779806908189

  • cottoneverard



    I am non residency in US. I need US verified paypal a/c. How can i get this US paypal. Please send me the reply. My mail id: cottoneverard53@yahoo.com

  • rajagopalan

    Hi Satish,
    I created an Entropay account, loaded it with 20$ and also verified it successfully with Paypal. But now when I want to load my entropay account with more funds, it is saying there is a problem with the funding source, which in my case is my KVB debit card. How could Entropay accept 20$ initially without any trouble?

  • Elymar

    I have a valid passport, i have a scan copy of the funding source you are asking BUT i do not have a billing address with my name because i just rent a room. Please help me. I did not expect you have lots of requirements to ask, you should have informed us before we were able to load funds. I need My entropay virtual card number for my paypal registration asap.

    Also what do you mean by “merchant need to be spent?” please help!

  • Diana

    i got VCC from the website instantvirtualcreditcards
    Which was working well with Paypal, but now Paypal wants a cc statement:
    The statement must show your name, address and card number exactly
    as they appear in your PayPal account.

    But the cc statement doesn’t show the details.

    Can anybody help?


  • Sunny chaudhary

    Hello Satish i must appreciate your work… my question is when i try to load entrolay vcc with my pnb debit mastercard it always says transaction declined i cjecked every detail and it is correct so i wanna ask do i need to activate internet banking on my debit card lr i can use it right away

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