Effects Of Social Media

by Sathishkumar on July 26, 2011

Social media has become incredibly popular. People and businesses are using social media as a means of keeping in touch with each other. There are a few problems that can come with this form of media though.

Effects Of Social Media

It will take a while to handle

Social media is something that can take a great amount of time to handle. It can take a while to not only set up a page and make it easy to read but also to get posts handled. The amount of time needed to keep a page working as well as possible is also a problem.

This is why so many people develop addictions to social media. Social media pages take forever to run and maintain.

Many things are open

Any person’s personal data on a page can be posted for all people to see. Some things can be kept private in some areas but the problem is that it will be easy for a person to suffer from limits with regards to getting everything concealed.

It will help to ensure that any page is prepared with only the details that one wants to share. All very personal items should be concealed in order to keep your identity safe.

Criticism is common

Social media can be open to people who are incredibly critical. There is always a potential for a person or business to be hit hard by people who criticize one’s work. This can make it easy for anyone’s image to be substantially damaged.

Security risks

Another problem is that there are some cases where people can deal with a lack of security on a social media page. There have been some cases where people have hacked into assorted pages and feeds that different people have created. This can create negative messages that might be difficult for some people to handle.

Limited life spans

Of course, there is always the problem about how sometimes different websites in the world of social media may become irrelevant in a short period of time. Anyone who has tried real hard to get a MySpace or Friendster page set up will understand this. There is no guarantee that a single page may end up being a long term solution for one’s marketing or communication needs.

A change in communication

The final problem is that it will end up impacting the ability of people to communicate with one another in person. It is true that social media can be convenient.

However, it will end up making it so people are not going to be a little more social in nature than what they usually are. It can influence communications because people might become uninterested in personal communication in favor of simply going online instead.

These are all problems that social media can provide. These are notable pitfalls that keep social media from being as perfect and useful as possible. They relate to many problems that involve sharing content and spending too much time when getting any kind of media page ready.

Author Bio: Maher is a blogger and avid social media user. He works for smsfi from where you can send free sms.

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  • http://www.dailywiki.org Arun

    Yes the power of social media, is true. We felt its real power in Egypt revolution

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Arun, the world has seen the power of Social Media during the Egypt revolution. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us.

  • http://bayofblog.com vijay | bayofblog

    Social media has equivalent power of search engines, all we need is we should engage social discussion with people and interact them will work to get more conversion.

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Very well said, Vijay. If we know the art of engaging with people on Social Media, then we can get huge benefits from them.

  • http://feeds.feedburner.com/cyberfreax Srivathsan

    Yup bro you are right. Social mediaa’s really help a lot in making your blog more popular. Thanks for the share mate… :D

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Srivathsan, glad to see that you have got the point of this article. Looking forward to see you around here again soon.

  • http://www.edesignblog.com Vijayraj Reddy

    I get 50% of traffic from social media to one of my site, that’s the power of social media…

    • http://www.techiemania.com Sathishkumar

      Hi Vijay, that’s really great to hear. Can you reveal that website along with the statistics. It will serve as motivation to plenty of people.

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