How Ready Is Your Website For The Upcoming Onslaught Of Online Traffic?

by Bre on October 11, 2011

If you’ve just now gotten around to optimizing your website for Internet traffic, then you might want to call back your chosen internet marketer. Unless you’ve taken steps to specifically optimize your site for mobile traffic, then you haven’t sufficiently prepared for the SEO of the future. Only the most state-of-the-art SEO software has barely begun to scratch the surface of the importance of optimizing your site for mobile traffic. Yet the projections hammer the point home: mobile traffic is expected to balloon by 400% by the year 2015.

Optimize Website For Online Traffic

You might be thinking: “So what? It’s not like desktop computers are going to disappear.” And you’re sort of right. But only sort of. The population growth, especially the growth of Internet users in the next three years, is not nearly expected to blossom as much as mobile web usage. This means it’s apparent that today’s desktop browser is tomorrow’s mobile web user. Therefore, your market today, that’s still using a computer plugged into a wall, is going to be more likely than not moving around accessing your site on a mobile device.

So what can you do? Start by getting rid of Flash from your website. Don’t even bother with mirrored versions for those who can and cannot play Flash on their computer or device. Not only does Flash spell doom for SEOs, it is virtually uncompromisable with mobile web browsers. If you offer good or services people tend to look for while on-the-go, you’re bound to miss out significantly on a future market by skimping on your mobile SEO planning in exchange for the “cool” factor of Flash.

Your second step should be to whip out smartphones operating every possible mobile browser to see how your site looks on these devices. Center the most important information on your site to better increase the chances of these mobile browsers immediately focusing the user’s attention on what is vital. Another solid pro tip is to keep your mobile web page short and sweet. Longer more content-packed pages obviously take longer to load.

Finally, embrace HTML5. It’s a more compatible code and sure to become the mainstream source for most online content. This means Google Bots and other SEO organizers will be more apt to include your site in relevancy lists.

It’s all about staying relevant. There’s absolutely no point in overhauling your website if you’re just going to follow the playbooks written three years ago. Those do not help you optimize your site for tomorrow. Tomorrow’s web user will most definitely be mobile. Are they going to be able to find you?

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  • Aaron

    It means we need to concentrate to create lighter sites which can easily open in mobile browsers. I too feel that mobile traffic going to increase drastically.

  • Shree@Web Design Kolkata

    The points that you have mentioned over here are really good. Mobile sites are going to be the next craze.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    It’s a huge mistake to not worry about mobile browsing. The number of people browsing on a smart phone increases every day. If your site doesn’t load properly or doesn’t look right on a mobile device, the user is going to leave the site and head somewhere else.

  • Seo Company

    No doubt that mobile traffic going to increase drastically and we need to create our website accordingly.

  • Miodrag

    Very Good said
    Nice post by the way

    There is only 3 things you take with you when you leave the house.
    ,Wallet, and your

    people use more mobile device today then ever before and its rising…..every year…

  • zamahsari@topbestphonereviews

    Since the phone’s display become larger and larger and technology continues advance, a mobile phone will be one of favorite devices to search information online as it is easy to carry while on the go.

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