How to Create Your Own Job

by raycobel on December 6, 2010

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Create my own job???

Very often in job searches people fail to find suitable openings.  If you are tired of waiting for the right job to come along, then maybe it’s time for you to consider creating your own job.

There are a lot of built-in advantages to creating your own job:

  • You get to choose what you want to do
  • You get to choose who you do it with
  • Since you’ll be creating your position, you’ll be the only one applying
  • Your negotiating position will be much stronger
  • Once you acquire this Entrepreneurial skill, you can use it any number of times

This Entrepreneurial skill can not only be used to create jobs, but to create independent businesses as well.

To create your own job you’ll need to think and act like an Entrepreneur.  This means:

  1. You’ll thoroughly assess your knowledge, skills, experience, capabilities and passions to identify the highest value you are able to, and want to, offer.
  2. You’ll search the marketplace to identify who needs and wants that value most; and is able to pay for it.
  3. You’ll search the marketplace to identify the best channels for communicating with your target market.
  4. You’ll package your value story in the most clear, compelling, and irresistible ways possible; using appropriate text, graphics, audio, video and Web technologies
  5. You’ll offer your stories to your target market(s) and follow-up carefully to build close relationships.
  6. As long as your relationships keep progressing you will eventually come to a place where money will be exchanged for your value.

These six steps are the essence of thinking and acting like an Entrepreneur.

Here’s what happened the first time I created my own job.

I was out of work. My wife was staying home with our seven month old baby. The bills were starting to mount up. I went through a self assessment and concluded that I wanted an:

  1. Outside sales position
  2. At the wholesale level
  3. In the stereo hi-fi business.

I had absolutely no contacts in the field, but I did know the qualities I was looking for in a company. I wanted a company that:

  1. Was into the highest quality products, and
  2. Had a strong reputation for fair and honest dealings with its customers.

(Now this was before the Internet)  It occurred to me that the best place to start would be with the wholesale customers themselves. So I just walked into about a half dozen retail stereo stores and asked for the manager.

When I got a chance to speak with the manager I simply explained what I was looking for, and asked for the names of their supplier companies that met my description. In every case the managers gave me three or four company names. When I asked who the
president of each company was, they gave me that name too along with the person’s address and phone number.

Now get this. At one of the stores when I asked for the name and numbers of one of these company presidents, the manager went over to a bookshelf and pulled down an Electronics Representatives Directory. When I saw that book I could hardly believe my
eyes, because it contained the name, address and phone number for every potential employer/client/customer in my field who was headquartered within 35 miles of my home.
Naturally I asked where I could get my own copy of that book. Within 24 hours I had all the information I needed to really put my job campaign into high gear.  (Today lots of this kind of information is available on the Web.)

I found thirteen companies in this book that I could be interested in working for. Next I sent each of them my resume, along with a cover letter that said:

Dear (Mr. President):

I had a chance to meet with (John Jones) of (Stereo Heaven) the other day and he gave me your name.

Having carefully considered my education, experience and interests, I have decided to pursue a career at the wholesale level in the stereo hi-fi business. The enclosed resume will give you a picture of my qualifications.

While I would be thrilled at the prospect of joining your organization, I have no way of knowing whether or not there is an opening at the present time.

In any event, your perspective and insight to the industry is very valuable, and I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to get your advice.

I will call in a few days to ask for a chance to meet with you, at your convenience.

Ray Cobel


(Today you could do an even better job by setting up Social Networking Profiles, your own Web site and using email or messaging.)

(This is an example of a fairly low level position cover letter.  The more experience you have the more “insider” and impactful your letter can be; i.e. hint at what you want to share that can save or make them lots of money.)

Now even though:

  • I had no background or education in electronics, and
  • Even though I had never sold stereo equipment before, and
  • Even though none of the companies had any job openings when I first approached them,

I received job offers from both my first and second choice companies within two weeks.

HOW and WHY did that happen?

In both cases the executives I met with asked me how I found them. I simply explained the self evaluation process I went through, then about the networking and market research. In both cases these men were extremely impressed with my initiative, sincerity and drive. Later on both of them told me that anyone who could find them in the way I went about it would certainly be able to do the job.

And you know what, even though I didn’t have the education or experience to get by one of their screening clerks, had they been actively recruiting, I was able to do the job. And I did it very well I might add, because my genuine interest andenthusiasm for the job carried me a lot further than the “right” credentials would have.

Genuine interest and enthusiasm for the job is even more important than having the right credentials!

This is one of the most important Entrepreneuring concepts.

  • This is why you need to do the self evaluation and discover what you really want to do.
  • This is why you need to research the job marketplace and find organizations that really turn you on.
  • This is why you need to find organizations that really need the value you want to sell.

Genuine interest and enthusiasm for the job will separate you from 95% of your competition, and there are always more than enough great jobs for the 5% who will be as interested and enthused as you!

Now here’s the most exciting part.

The example above was from pre-Internet days:

  • No search engines
  • No online databases
  • No tools for creating great content
  • No Web sites
  • No email

Today you can do far better research and presentation, much faster and easier than ever before.  And most of what you need to do all this is available for free at EntrepreneuringResourceCenter.

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