List of 65 DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites with Good PR

by Sathishkumar on August 5, 2010

Social Bookmarking is a great way to share a useful content or a website, online with the help of tags, so you and other people can find it in the future. When I have written an article on the importance of Social Bookmarking here in TechieMania, using the title 3 Reasons Why We Should Use Social Bookmarking, I got a query from a reader about which Social Bookmarking site, should we use since a plethora of Social Bookmarking sites available in the World Wide Web.

The obvious answer for his question is, we need to use the Social Bookmarking sites which allows Do-follow links. But that doesn’t mean, we should ignore no-follow bookmarking sites, since they are the most popular ones. So what I would advise is to try on every bookmarking sites, but stick more with Do-follow sites, since they are the one’s which provide backlink’s to your blog.

65 Do follow Social Bookmarking sitesTo make your quite easier, I have done some research’s on the list of Do-follow Social Bookmarking sites and I have listed them down here for your use. The sites listed below are having a Good Google page rank as well.

List of 65 DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites:

1. SlashDot (PR 8 )

2. Digg (PR 8 )

3. Technorati (PR 8 )

4. Tumblr (PR 8 )

5. Mixx (PR 8 )

6. Reddit (PR 8 )

7. Folkd (PR 7)

8. Multiply (PR 7)

9. Newsvine (PR 7)

10. Jumptags (PR 7)

11. Magnolia (PR 6)

12. Spurl (PR 6)

13. Diigo (PR 6)

14. Dzone (PR 6)

15. Kwoff (PR 6)

16. Bookmarks (PR 6)

17. Searchles (PR 5)

18. Dotnetkicks (PR 5)

19. Plime (PR 5)

20. Clipclip (PR 5)

21. Linkagogo (PR 5)

22. A1-Webmarks (PR 5)

23. Mylinkvault (PR 5)

24. Indianpad (PR 5)

25. Tagza (PR 5)

26. Spotback (PR 5)

27. Faves (PR 5)

28. Myvmarks (PR 4)

29. Linkatopia (PR 4)

30. Bmaccess (PR 4)

31. Linkinn (PR 4)

32. Blogmarks (PR 4)

33. Oyax (PR 4)


34. DoFollowDigg (PR 4)

35. Feedmarker (PR 4)

36. Memfrag (PR 4)

37. MySiteVote (PR 4)

38. OldRec (PR 4)

39. Wagg It (PR 4)

40. Otherwhirled (PR 4)

41. Contentpop (PR 4)

42. Postonfire (PR 4)

43. Givealink (PR 4)

44. Bringr (PR 3)

45. Socialogs (PR 3)

46. TeDigo (PR 3)

47. MyPIP (PR 3)

48. Yattle (PR 3)

49. Kabulis (PR 3)

50. Bukmark (PR 3)

51. Ciudadlaberinto (PR 3)

52. Cool Search (PR 3)

53. Gozoof (PR 3)

54. Tamilers (PR 3)

55. SpicyBookmark (PR 3)

56. Googletop (PR 3)

57. Business Planet (PR 2)

58. Agroots (PR 2)

59. Bestofindia (PR 2)

60. Newwinecc (PR 2)

61. Ziki (PR 2)

62. Zobbed (PR 2)

63. Dizzed (PR 2)

64. Yomash (PR 2)

65. Bookmark24 (PR 2)

Also, don’t miss these no-follow sites, since they are more popular.

1. Delicious (PR 8 )

2. Mister-Wong (PR 8 )

3. Blinklist (PR 7)

4. NetVous (PR 6)

5. Simpy (PR 6)

Note: Some sites listed above have the option of keeping your Bookmarks either private or public. If you want other people to find your bookmarks, keep them as public.

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  • Robin

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      • Sathishkumar

        Hi Pradip, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Talk soon.

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      Thanks da :) . Use the sites listed here to build quality backlinks for your site da.

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  • aatif

    many times I submit my blog posts to some of these bookmarking sites i am not getting backlink don’t know why :(

    • Sathish

      It will take some time for the bookmarking sites to link back to you. So wait for it. Don’t worry :)

  • Ricky @best android apps

    ??? Digg is dofollow and delicious is nofollow? I doubt that. However this is a great list. It is definitely worth a try.

    • Sathish

      Nope, Digg is dofollow and Delicious is nofollow. I am pretty sure about it.

  • Phyza

    You missed one good PR 3 site .. Please include that one too :)

    • Sathish

      I will add it soon. Thanks for the information.


      • Phyza

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        • Sathish

          My pleasure :)

      • i2spacetech

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      Glad, you find new sites Thiru. Can you share your whole lists with us?

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  • vrunda

    hey sathish… great list.. but i am really feeling tired after reading a lloooonnng list.. some of them are more famous.. so i selected,,,,, and btw are you using all the social bookmarking sites ?

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      Yup, I am using all these site Virunda. BTW dont feel tired now because I made a list of another 100 dofollow social bookmarking sites and I am going to post it soon.

  • vrunda

    wow… great,… i have to learn many things from you.. okay well thanx for that.. n ya my name is vrunda not virunda.. dats ok.. n ya i din’t find you on some of those sites.. what’s ur username would be there ? please let me know so i can start with following you.. afterall you are my blog mentor..

    • Sathish

      Hey Vrunda, Sorry about that name confusion. And that blog mentor thing, I will take that as a compliment. My username for most of those sites is sonasathish, but I have used some other names too superdigg0r and sathishvaratharaj.

      • vrunda

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        • Sathish

          Sure, I will follow them :P

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    i would like to add this one too

    humansthink site here.

    its dofollow and has a great design and also very easy to use

    • Sathish

      Well, I will add it in the fresh list. Thanks for letting us know about this dofollow social bookmarking site

  • Somone

    Absolutely crazy. I didn’t realise there were so many and more each day I would bet. Thank you for going to the trouble of listing these – including adding links.

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    The another aspect is to be “liked” or “voted” or “bookmarked” by the community from the same site – in that way a site can be ranked higher and get exposed to enormous traffic even from a single site. Just my one cent :)

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