Mac Laptops or PC Laptops: Which Should You Be Looking At?

by Sathishkumar on November 18, 2010

So you’re looking at laptops or trying to convince someone who holds the checkbook that you really need a new one. But you’re a little torn about what you should be getting. Should you get yourself a Mac or a PC-based laptop? Well, in the world of laptops there are lots of choices, so the best thing is to take a look at what you need it for.

Mac Laptops or PC Laptops

First things first – both are going to be excellent choices. The abilities of modern laptops are truly mind-boggling. Just as smartphones are becoming like mini computers, laptops are becoming more and more like portable desktops. This is true across the board for both Mac and PC. Which brings us to sunny point number 2 – both Mac and PC compatible machines are fully capable of performing the majority of tasks that the average user would want and doing it with speed and style. That being said, what about the non-average user?

What is an average user and what do they do?

The average user of a laptop is a bit like the average user of a desktop – someone who wants to check the internet, read and reply to emails, store and organize photos and music, download a movie or two and maybe do some video-chatting with friends and family. Only thing is they want to do it on the go.

The non-average users are the ones who have more mission specific tasks in mind – photo editing, video-editing, business presentations, and programming on the go, IT service, whatever. The list goes on and on. For many of these people, the particular industry they are in or the activities they will be involved in will already dictate which choice they will need to make.

Another consideration is the area you might be using your new laptop. If you live in or will be living in cities where Mac laptops are popular, like Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, it might be a good idea to go with the trend and take a good hard look at Mac laptops. Vice versa, if Macs are thin on the ground where you will be spending most of your time, for example many cities in Asia, then PC laptops might be a better choice. This is not about blending in but about getting service or a helping hand should anything go wrong with your computer. While most major cities have service centers for both respective types of laptops, traveling an hour or two one way across a busy city just to get your computer fixed isn’t an ideal situation to be in.

Lastly one needs to consider what kind of experience they are going for. In broad strokes, PC laptops are for those who do not mind a bit of tinkering while Mac laptops are primarily for those interested in a stylish and tinker free experience. While there are Mac lovers who dig playing with every aspect of their laptop, Apple has built their reputation on streamlined interfaces. Microsoft and Linux have not focused on that aspect of their software as much.

As mentioned before, if you are looking for just any old laptop, then Mac laptops or PC laptops will more than likely satisfy you. However if you have mission specific tasks that require one or the other, or are living in a hotbed of PCs or Mac-central, or have definite ideas about what kind of user experience you want, then you will more than likely be happier with one of the choices over the other.

What is your choice? Ma Laptops or PC Laptops? Do share your views with us, here in the comments section.

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Article by Sathishkumar Varatharajan

Sathishkumar is an Online Marketer and a full-time Blogger.

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  • Ramya

    I ultimately seeing that Apple is much cost than Windows – > oops ;)

    • Sathish

      Hi Ramya, well Apple costs more than Windows, but their functioning is entirely different from and they rock in what they’re doing. Anyways, Thanks for your comment.

  • Blogging Tips

    Apple cost good and for sure they are good, but I think HP is doing good also and continuously taking as much part in competition.

    and I like hp.

    • Sathish

      Hi Usman, I am not aware of the HP Factor here. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  • Sharat

    I love Mac…

    • Sathish

      Hi Sharat, its good to hear that you love Mac. Can you explain it a bit. I mean why you love Mac?

      • Sharat

        Sathish there are many reason for why i love it .. But the most fantastic feature which i like in Mac is multiple desktops…

        I dnt know why… coz of it’s brand or what else… But i love to use Mac very much ….

  • Vernessa Taylor

    Hi Sathish! Your treatment of selecting a PC or Mac laptop is a bit different from the usual ones we see. It’s a novel idea to make your selection depending on locale, especially giving consideration to what type of laptop others around you are using so you can find technical support if you need it. Thumbs up!

    I also like the fact that you mentioned Linux in the line-up. Lots of people are indeed using that blessedly free operating system to power their desktops and get their work done.

    • Sathish

      Hi Vernessa, these days you can’t select a laptop just by considering the configuration. All new laptops comes with pretty good configuration. So we need to think about the other aspects like where we’re going to use it and whats the purpose of our laptop. I am glad you find my article interesting. Thanks for your comment too.

  • DiTesco

    Seriously, this just came in the right moment as I have been considering “buying” a gift for me for my birthday. My PC Laptop is getting rather slow, primarily due to many “crap” I have installed, and I was looking for either going one or the other. You are right about support and all that as here in my side of the world, unfortunately MACs are not yet “king”. Windows powered machines are still the choice of many. That said, I have made my decision. Thanks!

    • Sathish

      Well, if you feel that you’re comfortable with PC Laptops then that’s the best for you. Thanks for your comment too.

  • Ajinkya@BLOG404

    Mac is sooo famous and has so high authority , even when you see any movie in which a laptop is shown in the scene it always have a apple logo , Windows are very less used in USA but its opposite in india where windows are most common while mac is with 1 in 100 people :P Mac has always been my fantasy but i still love linux and windows . I now possess a windows but soon i plan to get a Mac too :D

    • Sathish

      You’re absolutely right man. Mac is so popular in U.S. and I have seen them in many of the movies. But In India its a different thing. We don’t have too many Mac support centres and learning Mac is quite a bit difficult while comparing to windows. Hope you will get the laptop of your choice.

  • shariq

    I am using PC laptop but I want to use Mac too.

    • Sathish

      Hope you will get one soon. Thanks for your comment

  • internet marketing

    I don’t think mac is that much user friendly at least for webmasters like us?

    • Sathish

      Well, I can’t say that Mac is not user friendly but comparing to Windows, Mac looks quite difficult to work. Actually, it depends on the users. If anyone like Ajinkya here, like Mac very much he won’t find it user friendly even if it does. That’s what matters.

  • Kartik@DailyTechPost

    Hi Sathish ….I haven’t used mac …so my favorite is PC laptop…

    • Sathish

      Hey Kartik, just give Mac a try, you might in love with it . :P

  • Kunal @ TechHogger

    My knowledge says HP is the best when it comes to heavy performance and hardware. But uniqueness, sleek design and smoothness with eye candy feature of Mac attracts everyone. I’m not sayind that Mac are not good at performance, they too are the best.
    My vote would go for Mac.

  • Rahul @ MazaKaro

    hi Sathish,
    definitely mac laptop is dream for anyone. its features are unique and best of all. Apple always launch product for elite users. it’s really dream for us, but dreams come true if we dream it heartily. and i wish everyone’s dreams may come true.
    thanks i would love to dream such dreams.

  • Sekav @thetechnozine

    For me PC Laptop is much more comfortable and I never fancy using a Mac anywhere in the future too. Personally, I like the Dell and Sony VAIO laptops using primarily Linux as the OS and sometimes Windows. Even if I would consider buying an expensive laptop, it would not be any of the Apple’s stuff but rather I would prefer investing in Alienware Computers with some custom configs.

  • Himanshu

    mac anyday. it is worth your money. if you have a deep pockets, go for apple products.

    • Sathish

      Hi Himanshu, you have mentioned a good point here. Apple products are costly but at the same time they’re worth your money too.

  • Nihar

    Mac Laptop is really good. I will definitely get one in future (not sure when :) )

    PC Laptop is always better as most number of applications will support windows than apple.

    • Sathish

      Yup thats right too. Most companies are developing tools based on Windows only. So in this case PC Laptops got good advantage over Mac’s

  • Peter Joseph

    I’m a big supporter of windows laptops, they offer better features for a much smaller price, Mac’s seem quite expensive and many of the tools i need are windows only.

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