Manage Direct Advertisement Ad Zone with BuySellAds WordPress Plugin

by Sathishkumar on September 11, 2010

Buysellads is one of the best direct advertisement network and almost everyone on the blogosphere knows about this ad network. We already reviewed about the BuySellAds Direct Advertisement Program in our blog and I also written an article on how to get approved by buysellads.

BuySellAds Advertisement Program

Well, if you are using this direct advertisement network, then you must be adding the codes manually to your blog via a widget. But some people find this frustrating and they want a more reliable way to add the BuySellAds ad code into their blog.

To help them, Thaya Kareeson a well-known WordPress developer developed a WordPress plugin, which helps you to easily integrate your BuySellAds Ad zones. The following are the features of this WordPress plugin:

  • Easy Buy Sell Ads zone integration. All you need is your site key!
  • Anti-AdBlock protection. Nonce regenerates regularly (currently disabled).
  • Ability to automatically place ads into posts/pages and widget sidebar.

The plugin is very simple and after installing it in your WordPress blog, you can easily configure the plugin by adding your BuySellAds sitekey and your Ad Zone ID from the WordPress plugin settings page.

To get your BuySellAds sitekey follow the instructions given below:

1. Login to your BuySellAds account and move to your publisher dashboard. If you created an Adzone for your website, you will see the site statistics. At the end of the statistics list, you will see Install Ad code. Click on it.

BuySellAds Publisher dashboard

2. Now you will see the ad code page which shows two snippets need to be added in your blog. Move to Zone Specific snippet and copy the code something similar to this e7af8f4e836be7bb30e7b2d9239a5732. That is your site key.

BuySellAds Sitekey

After adding your sitekey and Ad zone ID in your BuySellAds WordPress plugin settings, move to widgets page and add the BuySellAds widget to the sidebar. Now you have placed your BuySellAds ad code into your WordPress blog.

Download BuySellAds WordPress Plugin

Do let us know whether you are using this plugin to add BuySellAds Ad codes to your WordPress blog?

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  • Crunchynow

    Nice one…..

    but can u tell me what are the condition for applying for Buysellads…..

    • Sathish

      There is no specific condition for BuySellAds. If you have a blog with decent traffic and a good layout, you will get approved by them for sure.

  • Vijayraj Reddy

    i have still not got buysellads approval..

  • Ayush Gupta

    how to add ad zone in header

    • Sathishkumar

      Hi Ayush, that requires a bit of coding. Will write an article about it soon.

      • Ayush Gupta

        Alright :)

  • neo

    how to add BSA code into blog post..

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