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by Sathishkumar on July 30, 2010

YouTube is arguably the leader in web video. It also becomes the default place to watch and share original videos worldwide using the web. Until now, YouTube has some annoyance which many users requested YouTube to avert. To sound clear, until now YouTube has limited its clip length to 10 minutes and many users requested YouTube to allow uploading of videos longer than 10 minutes.

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YouTube yesterday announced the number one requested feature by users, the increase in the upload limit to 15 minutes. Piracy was the key reason cited by Google behind the decision to limit the length of uploaded videos before. But it seems the systems that Google has implemented in YouTube to identify the copyrighted content are now more powerful to let users upload longer videos.

Joshua Siegel, Product Manager, Upload and Video Management, said in the Blog post, ” you may wonder “why now?” — the upload limit for non-partners has been 10 minutes for years. Well, we’ve spent significant resources on creating and improving our state-of-the-art Content ID system and many other powerful tools for copyright owners. Now, all of the major U.S. movie studios, music labels and over 1,000 other global partners use Content ID to manage their content on YouTube. Because of the success of these ongoing technological efforts, we are able to increase the upload limit today”.

YouTube has also mentioned that they are working hard by creating new resources to protect small and large copyright owners worldwide. YouTube to celebrate this new feature addition, has encouraged users to take part in “15 minutes of fame” promotional event. You can enter in this event simply by creating a 15 minutes length video and upload it to YouTube with the tag “yt15minutes” by August 4. The video of the winners, will be shown in the spotlight section on the YouTube homepage.

Note: If you have uploaded a video before and it was rejected for being too long, you’ll have to go into “My Videos” section and delete it before attempting to upload it again.

Are you using YouTube for uploading videos? Do you think this will be a good news for Video Uploaders? Share your thoughts here in the comments section.

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