Tips For Building Consistent Traffic Using Social Media

by charles on May 18, 2011

Social media is one of the most effective and important sources of web traffic for bloggers. However, it is easy to get frustrated because of inconsistent social media traffic. One day, you may receive thousands of visitors, only for the traffic to dry up quickly. As a result, many bloggers don’t see social media as a dependable source of traffic and therefore don’t commit much effort and time to learning ways of maximizing it.

Social Media Traffic

There are several things you can do to enhance the consistency of social media traffic. Of course, there will be highs and lows, but you can reduce the times when it is virtually non-existent. The following are some tips which you can apply.

1. Post frequently

You will find that your fresh posts are the normally the ones drawing traffic from the social media. This is the method that I’ve been using to drive targeted traffic to my weight loss blog featuring Medifast coupons and Nutrisystem discounts. After several days, traffic to a fresh post will reduce significantly, but this can be offset by regularly publishing new content. However, not every post published will draw much traffic from social media.

2. Use social media actively

Being an active user is important in drawing social media traffic. You will know what kinds of content do well and how each site works. You cannot expect social media to direct traffic to your blog, site or coupons if you are reluctant to use it to direct traffic to others. Be willing to submit quality content and vote for others.

3. Know how various social media sites differ

Each social media website has its own audience with distinct tendencies and preferences. By knowing the differences, you will be in a better position to target your posts to specific audiences. Your blog might not be suited for all social media audience. Knowing where you would fit best will enable you to become more active and develop content accordingly.

4. Submit your content to various sites, including niche sites

If Digg is the only site you submit every post you publish, you will not have consistent results. Once you get to know about the different sites, you can assess each blog post separately and submit it to an appropriate place. Submitting to various sites has some advantages. First, it will prevent the audience of a specific site from getting tired of seeing your posts daily. Second, it will enable you to reach a bigger audience since every site has its own users. Third, it will enable you to target.

5. Don’t try pushing everything you write

Not every post will be popular with social media users, and that is ok. When you write posts that are not likely to succeed with social media, do not submit them. You will have more favorable results if you push posts that have a higher chance of success. Pushing content that is likely to go nowhere with social media will get in the way of the results of your more attractive content.

Author Bio: A writer with a particular interest in sharing blogging tips, Charles Mburugu also writes about diet plans for weight loss blogs that share Medifast diet discounts and Nutrisystem savings coupons. He currently writes for a diet blog that offers April promo code for Medifast and Promotion codes for Nutrisystem discount, two popular meal replacement programs.

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  • Balaji P M | MS Geek Boy

    Hi !
    You’re right ! but using social media is very complicated task. First of all, we need to join there and we need to connect with fellow bloggers (relevantly) and sharing every post with them while we publish.
    It’s harassing the work, anyhow if we need to build/develop our blog, we should work on it and have to spend much more efforts as well as time

    Thanks for sharing this buddy !

    • Charles

      I agree Balaji, using social media involves much work – but in the end, it is well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing.

  • gaurav | making money online

    yes the traffic from social media is very difficult to get but if we make our social network more solid it will help in promoting our all blog not only a single blog… thanks a lot for providing this information
    Gaurav garg

    • Charles

      Hey Gaurav, thanks for stopping by. Talk soon.

      • Gaurav | Make Money Online

        Hey Charles…. Yes I think this is the real fact about social network…

  • Michael Aulia

    I find that as you said, each social media has its own “topic” that the audience is interested in. For example I found reddit gave me bad thumbs or traffic if it’s techie related – but somehow good traffic when it’s about funny pic or joke -_-’

    • Charles

      Hi Michael. Indeed, it is important to understand what kind of content works for each social media site. Thanks for sharing.

  • ashish

    Also ask your friends to share those posts further..

    • Charles

      Good point Ashish. It’s called viral marketing.

  • Gagan Arora

    nice article,all these tips are very useful for every blogger…..:)

    • Charles

      Thanks Gagan.

  • Avery Wright

    Great tips. Social media is good generating traffic to your site but you have to become consistent, because as you said social media have it’s own topic that people may suits their interests. Thanks for sharing this great tips.

    • Charles

      You are welcome Avery. Thanks for stopping by.

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