Tips To SEO Optimize A Blog Post

by Jasmine on October 14, 2011

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These days, blogs have become more powerful than before. Initially, blogs served more as personal diaries of web users who wanted to have a creative outlet to channel their thoughts and let the rest of the world read their stories. However, as of late, blogs have taken a more commercial role rather than a personal one. Heavy advertising, online sales and coupon offers are just a few of the ways how blogs are used in the commercial world. No matter what the purpose of the blog is, the success of its role depends heavily on the number of hits a post generates.

SEO Optimize Blog Posts

In order to gain more hits, blogs have to be proactive in optimizing their posts to be featured in search engines. Given the popularity of search engines like Google and Yahoo!, it is indeed possible to garner hundreds or even thousands of visits to a blog each day if it is optimized for the said search engines. With this in consideration, here are some tips to SEO optimize blog posts in order to boost incoming traffic:

Make Your Blog As Focused As Possible:

Writing more posts in a certain niche or genre will enable it to become more linked to a particular searched-for keyword. Writing one or two articles on totally different topics may offer variety to readers but it is unlikely that your blog will garner many hits for the keywords used, since the topics have simply been spread too thinly. In order to make full use of the search engines, choose something that you aim your blog to focus on (finance, physiology, etc).

Remember, the more posts you’ve written on the chosen topic, the more times the keywords appear and hence, the higher the chance your blog will be on top of the search engine results for that particular keyword. Just take my web hosting blog for example, I do pretty well in the search engines because of several reasons and one of them is I focus primarily in the web hosting niche.

Keep The Length Of The keywords Just Right

This is an important tip. Too many writers choose keywords which are either too short or a string of words which is far too long. The danger in this is that your keywords will get lost in the search engines. People are likely to be using short keywords for searches but these are more likely to be lost under the sheer volume of websites using the very same keywords.

As for long strings of keywords, there is only a tiny chance that people will be typing out that exact string of words to match what you have set as your keywords. The trick is to choose a 5-6 word long keyword which is focused enough to make sure many people are looking for it. This way, as the number of websites using that specific chain of words is low, there’s a good chance they will all be directed to your site.

Do Your Research!

Some keywords are more sought after than others. It is recommended that you do some research on what keywords your target readers use and model your blog posts around that. Google Suggest is a handy tool with which you can learn the words commonly used in search engines and find your target audience by way of keywords. Instead of relying on luck and convenience in choosing your keywords, some work has to be put in to determine the right keywords to choose for your blog posts.

Hopefully with these tips provided, you are able to push your blog to appear at the top of search engine results. It is important to put some thought and effort in maximizing traffic and hits instead of merely focusing on coming up with interesting posts alone. Just spend some time putting in the measures above and you can be sure that your hits will multiply.

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Article by Jasmine

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  • Aaron

    I would suggest to write small blog post to explaine your point or view…. within 400 words as sometimes readers don’t have enough time to read complete post.


    Nice Tips about searc engine optimization. I have lot of blogs . But nothing ranking good . I will take your suggestions thankyou

  • Shree@Web Design Kolkata

    Good points! Thanks for sharing this article.

  • Vijayraj Reddy

    Before doing post we must research on the topic we write so that we post what readers want..

  • Balaji


    Thanks for the informative post.
    I wanna know the trick to SEO optimize a blog post :)

  • Romy Singh

    I suggest you write your blog post keeping in mind that you writing it for readers not for search engines…… and after that you apply seo tactics to polish it for search engine.

  • aatif

    yeah some times i use keyword tool from google , nice tips Jasmine

  • Harry@DailyTechTips

    Focusing on Keywords is the best way to seo the Blog Post.

  • Louis

    Don’t forget to ask the readers to share the article. It will improve the efficiency of these tips.

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