YouTube Lanuches Video Charts to Rank Web Videos

by Sathishkumar on August 19, 2010

YouTube is the most popular Video Sharing website around the web, with more than 2 billion views a day. But still now they haven’t offered any tool or feature to find the videos trending in a particular category and many users wanted the YouTube team to add a feature similiar to this. To meet the user demands, YouTube has announced the Launch of a new section called YouTube Charts.

YouTube Launches YouTube Charts

This new section from YouTube, will keep users updated on which videos are trending right now, which are all-time classics, how various videos stand up against one another and more. Matt Darby, Product Manager of YouTube has announced this in an official blog post. He wrote, “These are the big questions on the lips of the YouTube community. To help answer them, we’re launching “YouTube Charts” to give you a clear view of how your favorite videos and creators stack up against each other. You can sort charts by “today,” “this week” and “all time” ”.

YouTube Charts ranks top web videos by several criteria: You can get a list of top videos that got most views, the most liked videos or the most subscribers for a video over the past day, the past week, the past month or all time. Each section will list the top 100 videos under that section.

The “most subscribed” option also gives users some insight into what individuals or production channels are gaining popularity at any given moment. YouTube is also asking Feedback from the users about what new features they should add to their Charts. Matt Darby wrote, “We’d love to hear your suggestions on which charts you’d like to see. Best newcomer? Most shared video? Fastest to a million views?”.

In my opinion, YouTube charts seems to be a valuable addition to the most popular video sharing website and this comes as a positive answer for the big questions from the YouTube community.

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Do share your views about this YouTube Charts feature from YouTube? Also share what do think YouTube should add to this new feature?

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